Farm Management and Monitoring

We take care of administration and data. You dedicate yourself to what you love the most: caring for your crops.

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Increase Yield. Reduce Costs.

Upgrade your farm to the age of Prescritive Agriculture. Start managing your property and crop data, monitor productivity, get weather data in real time, and enjoy a personalized administrative / financial assistant.

Features Overview

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Property Management

Online and integrated management of your property, crops, and inputs data. Access maps of your farm soil composition.

Climate Assistant

Access realtime climate data and forecasts from the 3 weather stations closest to your property.

News and Quotes

Access physical and future markets prices for commodities, fruits and vegetables. Get the top news in first hand.

Activities Tracking

Integrated management of data from activities performed on each property by type and period.

Accounting Assistant

We carry out the tax-accounting bookkeeping process, income tax return and control of invoices.

Sales and Purchases

Manage farm sales and purchases, control the stock and start planning the financials.

Hire Insurance

Quote and hire an insurance with federal and state subvention to protect your crops.

Employee Management

Integrated management of farm employees with allocation by activities and time spent.

Customized Reports

Request complete reports of your property with satellite imagery and crop growth analysis.


Our Pricing Plans that covers any kind of Grower


Properties and crops management; Insurance quotation and hiring; Accredited warehouses; Inputs and implements suppliers; Cooperatives and agricultural credit banks; Request of remote property analysis imagery.


15-day free trial

Hyperlocal weather tracking; Soil composition maps; Most important news of the day; Quotes of the physical and stock markets; Setup of climate and prices alerts.


15-day free trial

Farm purchases management; Farm sales management; Employees registration; Inputs and implements inventory; Scouting and notes; Cash and accounts management.



Get one of our easy-to-install agrometeorological stations, and access online in real-time the climate on your property, such as rainfall, solar radiation and wind direction. Optimize your costs with crop management and inputs application planning.

monthly  +  membership fee


Using satellite imagery to determine the vegetation index, water index or nutrient deficit has several applications in agriculture: Crop monitoring, Detection of droughts and pests, Location of pests, Yield estimates, Agricultural mapping, Water mapping, Nutrient deficit.
monthly  +  membership fee

management pack included

The accounting of your operation is very important for the farm or farmer tax control. Manage your invoices online and we take care of your accounting bookkeeping and income tax. *Management Pack included.


best value

Get the combo at an exclusive discount and have all the packs to optimize your crop management. Free Pack + Information Pack + Management Pack + Climate Pack + Satellite Pack + Financial Pack.

monthly  +  membership fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your Questions answered in one place

Q. How much cost for me to access the system?

The AgroAssit system is available for free when you sign up for the Free Pack. You can also subscribe to paid packs with the respective functionalities, according to your needs. Other products and services charged separately can be requested, such as property reports and insurance, directly from the system. Contact us for more information on subscription plans offered.

Q. How can I get a sensing device for my property?

The AgroAssist system is integrated with SciCrop's smart farming equipments. Starting sensing your property will enable you to access customized farm data for better performance, directly from the AgroAssist system. These sensing equipments are available on loan when you subscribe the respective service pack. Contact us for more information.

Q. Data entered by me on the system can be accessed by my agronomist or farm manager?

Yes. The AgroAssist system is prepared to provide third-part access to your farm information upon your approval. The access authorization is made in the menu of your account after selecting the desired user, which should be also previously registered in the WebFarms system, powered by SciCrop. If you need any kind of support, please send us an email at

Q. Will be my information made available publicly or shared with third parties?

No. SciCrop, owner of AgroAssist system, understands that your farm data are owned by you, and we are serious about your privacy. We will never share your data with third parties who have not been duly authorized by you, although we encourage that in certain situations you grant access to partners in order to get better credit and insurance offers. Access our Privacy Policy at

Q. I want to better understand the new agtechnologies. Has the company any group or relationship with growers?

AgroAssist is a system developed by SciCrop. SciCrop is an innovative agtech venture whose its main foundation is based in building results together with growers. Everything we offer today is the result of meetings and feedback of farmers, and therefore we will always be available to you. If you are interested in knowing more and joining this ag-revolution, please send us an email at and we will be happy to meet with you.


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